The Student Chapter of the ACM

This is the website for the "student club" for majors in Computer Science. Our regular activities include: pizza lunches, an annual programming contest, and seminars. If you are interested in the club or have ideas, send email to one of the officers or the faculty advisor.

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Officers - ISU-ACM Officers

  • President: John Bontjes   calls meetings, runs meetings, works with treasurer on annual budget requests
  • Treasurer: Beixi Hao   sees to reimbursement for expenses, works with president on annual budget requests
  • Vice President: Dylan Gallup   sends reminders for meetings, prints and posts flyers
  • Secretary: Makayla Bennett   takes notes at meetings and sends them to faculty advisor
  • Website: Michael Lechner   maintains this website and provides assistance on flyers

Faculty Advisor: Steve Baker   stops by meetings periodically, runs local programming contests and coordinates sending a team to the regional contest, signs off on expenses

Meetings: Fridays at 12:00 in A015, Root Hall.

Elections: Elections of officers will be held at the end of each spring semester. Officers hold their positions for one year.

Mail list: Email and communication regarding club activities is sent to the acm-club mailing list. By default, all CS majors are enrolled in the mailing list. Anyone else who wants to be on the mailing list (e.g., alumni, faculty/students of other departments) should go to the mailing list website and sign up.

Events: Events are listed on the Computer Science homepage. If you have thought of trying programming, just for fun, you might try some of the tutorials and such at They have some great ones that are fun and easy to do even for kids. You will be surprised how easy they are, actually.

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