Most recent announcements towards the top, and old announcements that are no longer relevant will be removed.

  • Student Positions   The CS GA positions in the department have been decided. The GAs for fall, and their primary assignments are - Lavanya Naga Bhuvaneshwari Maganti (CS 500, CS 256), Thiago Santos (CS 202, GH 101), Monika Ancha (CS 600, CS 170), Anas Mansouri (CS 101, CS 201), Xavier Saunders (CS 151). Graduate students still looking for positions should check every few days to look for positions. In terms of undergraduate positions, we do not know yet how many we will be able to hire.
  • Summer Honors 2017   Once again, the department will offer a course as part of the university's Summer Honors program for high school students. Students spend one week (July 16-22) at ISU and will study in an intensive program in computer science. See the program's link for the administrative details of how to apply, etc. For 2016, the CS course was on the topic "Build Your Own Programming Language", offered by Steve Baker. For 2017, the topic will be "Artificial Intelligence and What Computers Can Do", offered by Jeff Kinne. Preliminary plans for the course are here.
  • 2017-2018 Class Schedule   The 2017-2018 course schedule has been finalized. The CS homepage has links to the schedule for fall, spring, and summer. There is a chance the schedule will still change slightly. There have been a few updates to the regular rotation of courses. (i) CS 420/520 will be offered in the spring and CS 471/571 will be offered in the fall (to better balance systems versus theory courses in the fall and spring). (ii) CS 609 Web Programming and Applications will be offered each spring and CS 617 Databases, Data Mining, and Big Data will be offered each fall (because these two courses have the highest demand of the professional concentration courses). (iii) A section of GH 101 (General Honors 101) will be offered by Dr. Exoo in the fall of 2017 on the topic of artificial intelligence; this will be for honors students only. Note that the courses page has been updated to reflect these changes.
  • Course policies   The CS faculty have unanimously approved uniform policies on makeup exams and cheating/plagiarism/collaboration. These are in effect immediately (Nov, 2016) unless contradicted by the syllabus of your course. The policies are in effect for all CS courses beginning in spring 2017. See the policies at the policies page, which is also linked from the homepage. The policies were last updated on January 18, 2017.
  • Graduate Admissions   Admissions for the spring of 2017 has closed. The normal admissions deadline for spring admissions is November 15. Admissions for fall 2017 is open with a normal deadline of June 15. If you have questions, please contact the CS program director. See the admissions page for information about applying.
  • Faculty Searches   There are currently no CS faculty searches in progress.
  • Summer Research   The department is supporting one student to work on bioinformatics software as part of SURE. Jeff Kinne also will be exploring topics/programming related to AI in preparation for his summer honors course that is in late July. If you are interested in doing some (unpaid) work related to either of these, send mail to Jeff Kinne.