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Advisory Board

The advisory board consists of graduates of the CS programs. The board is consulted on a regular basis to provide guidance and advice on our programs and making sure we prepare ISU students for their next step (be it industry or academica). All members of the board have an open invitation to visit the department and give an invited talk or panel session on a topic they believe is relevant to ISU students and faculty.

The current membership of the board is the following.

  • Azzam Al-Omair
  • Esteban Amigo
  • Chithkala Basavaraj
  • Dillon Bender
  • Vincent Chiu
  • Aaron Cox
  • Brandon Donham
  • Edward Fuller
  • Nicholas Girton
  • Fatemeh Hadinezhad
  • Brian Igel
  • Neha Kumari
  • Gianni Lipkins
  • Vamsi Raj Maganti
  • Subrahmanyam Pendyala
  • Ashok Kumar Reddy Pereddy
  • Sharath Raini
  • Rishav Raj
  • Farhad Sagar
  • Ali Salman
  • Troy Schotter
  • Mark Sikora
  • Janet Smith
  • Lakshmi Sunkara
  • Taylor Vaughn
  • Lianfang Wang