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After Graduating

Staying in Touch

Email list   We hope that you will stay in touch after you graduate. Your email address will be automatically added to the cs-alumni@cs email list. If you would like an alternate email address added to the list, please just let the director of CS (listed on the CS homepage) know. The email list is used judiciously, normally to either communicate job postings or to solicit feedback.

Feedback   If you have a thought on something you wish you had experienced/learned while at ISU, we are glad to hear it - please write to any CS faculty member. Or if you are in town, stop by to chat any time.

Giving to ISU   If you choose to make a financial contribution to ISU, feel free to specify that it should be directed to the Math & CS department if you want to make sure it goes to the department. If you have something particular in mind that you would like funds used for, or need to discuss a gift of a different nature, please be in touch with the director of CS.

Looking for Jobs

First, take a look at the list below of companies that ISU CS students have worked at. Second, take a look at lists online of the largest employers in whatever region you want to work in. A few lists for Indiana are given next. Note that some companies do NOT advertise with services like Monster, etc. You should check their websites for positions. You can also use a search engine (i.e., google) with queries like "Eli Lilly Computer Science position" or "Terre Haute programmer internship". And you can check jobs sites like, Monster, etc.

Note that there are far more positions posted than you can apply for. You should be realistic about which positions you take the time to apply to (i.e., ones where you meet the minimum qualifications). It may also help to focus in on one type of position (e.g., web developer, or database admin, or iOS app development) so that you can work on being more competitive for that type of position (e.g., by studying, working on a project, etc.).

Those who came before you

The following are some of the companies/organizations that ISU CS students have gone on to work at.

  • Google, Oracle, Walt Disney, Naval Surface Warfare Center - Crane Division, Los Alamos National Labs, the NSA, Lockheed-Martin, Aeronautical Radio Incorporated (ARINC), Liberty Mutual, Indiana State University, the city of Terre Haute, Infraware Inc., Vincennes University, Interactive Intelligence / Genesys, Budweiser, GyanSys, Salesforce, Police Technical LLC, Chinese Academy of Sciences, FireEye, Cap Gemini S.A., Hewlett-Packard, AIM Specialty Health, GlobalFoundries, Euclid Elementz, GalaxE Solutions, myCOI, Rolls Royce, 4C Insights, Gogo Business Aviation, Clabber Girl, SWM International, Astra Inc., AIM Specialty Health, Egiants Technologies, ITHAKA, Cogent Infotech, Columbia Sports, AU Optronics, Northrop Grumman, Internet Brands, Sally Beauty Holdings, Saudi Aramco, CACI, American Society of Composers and Publishers, Maine Department of Education, Ohio Department of Commerce, Principal Financial Group, Wells Fargo, Geico, State of Alabama CARES, Kovarus Professional Services, Proofpoint, MasterBrand Cabinets
And the following are some of the universities where our graduates have had offers of assistantships for PhD programs.
  • University of Arizona, University of Miami, University of California-Merced, University of Texas-Dallas, University of California-Riverside, Georgia University, Virginia Tech, Emory


  • Cracking the Coding Interview - book that has lots of good advice, and practice interview questions
  • Getting hired
  • See CS 499 Senior Seminar at the courses page for information shared as part of that course - including advice on resumes, interviewing, etc.

Internships and Summer Experiences

  • ISU SURE - summer research experience at ISU.
  • NSF REU - research experiences for undergraduates. Search also for REU programs that might be funded in other ways than through the NSF.
  • DOE SULI - science internships run through the DOE, mostat national laboratories. The closest to Terre Haute are Argonne National Labs and Fermi Labs in Illinois and Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee.

Full Time Jobs

  • ISU Jobs - openings appear throughout the year, both full time and part time, for students and not.