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Computer Science - Who to Contact

The following is who you should contact in Computer Science, depending on what your need is. If you are unsure, you can contact the department administrative assistant or the director of CS. CS faculty can look at the ISU CS procedures for information about the normal procedures for completing some of these duties.

Who to Contact

Note   See the CS people page for contact information of these CS faculty.

  • Graduate admissions - Arash Rafiey
  • Graduate student probation and dismissals - R.B. Abhyankar
  • Graduate advising - R.B. Abhyankar
  • CS graduate assistants - Jeff Kinne
  • ACM club - Steve Baker
  • Transfer credit (undergraduate) - R.B. Abhyankar
  • Transfer credit (graduate) - R.B. Abhyankar
  • Cheating czar - Jeff Kinne
  • Student issues - Jeff Kinne
  • Curriculum - Jeff Kinne
  • OIT ATAC (Academic Technology Advisory Committee) - Jeff Kinne
  • OIT ITFG (Instructional Tools Focus Group) - Rob Sternfeld
  • Website - Jeff Kinne
  • Equipment - Steve Baker, Geoff Exoo, Jeff Kinne
  • Programming Assessment - Rob Sternfeld
  • Other Assessment - Jeff Kinne
  • Graduation - Jeff Kinne
  • CS 499 - Rob Sternfeld
  • Undergraduate admissions - Jeff Kinne
  • Schedule of Classes - director of CS
  • Department FAC - CS representative is R.B. Abhyankar
  • CS Personnel Committee - chairperson of the committee is Rob Sternfeld