CS Program Director - Who to Contact

The normal CS program director, Jeff Kinne, is on sabbatical during the spring 2018 term. From Jan 9 to May 12, the CS faculty are splitting up the normal duties. The following is who you should contact, depending on what your need is. CS faculty can look at the ISU CS procedures for information about the normal procedures for completing some of these duties.

Note   Jeff is maintaining his role for the following - FEBC (Faculty Economic Benefits Committee, member for 2016-2018 and chairperson this year), BD4ISU (Big Data for ISU, senior personnel on this grant-funded program), MS in Data Science & Analytics proposal (proposer and primary point of contact as program and related course proposals go through curricular approval), dissertation committee member for some Biology and EES Ph.D. students, TCGA (associate director, will remain point of contact for issues related to computing, software, etc.), DOE Science Bowl (Indiana Regional, co-coordinator and primary point of contact).

Who to Contact

Note   See the CS people page for contact information of these CS faculty.

  • Graduate admissions - Arash Rafiey
  • Graduate student probation and dismissals - R.B. Abhyankar
  • Graduate advising - R.B. Abhyankar
  • CS graduate assistants - Geoff Exoo
  • ACM club - Laci Egri
  • Transfer credit (undergraduate) - R.B. Abhyankar
  • Transfer credit (graduate) - R.B. Abhyankar
  • Cheating czar - Geoff Exoo
  • Student issues - Geoff Exoo
  • Curriculum - Geoff Exoo
  • OIT ATAC (Academic Technology Advisory Committee) - Laci Egri
  • OIT ITFG (Instructional Tools Focus Group) - Rob Sternfeld
  • Website - Steve Baker
  • Equipment - Steve Baker and Geoff Exoo
  • Assessment - Rob Sternfeld
  • Graduation - Laci Egri
  • CS 499 - Arash Rafiey
  • Undergraduate admissions - Laci Egri
  • 2018-2019 Schedule - per instructor if any changes in rooms, etc. need to be made, still Jeff Kinne and chairperson if more major changes need to be made