Transfer Credit

This page contains the normal transfers that are given for students coming to ISU for CS. The information is given for the most common schools that students transfer from. Note that undergraduate courses require a C or higher to transfer while graduate courses require a B or higher.

Other schools   For schools other than those listed here, the CS program director will need to evalute the courses to determine what makes sense. You can start the process by sending the following to the CS program director by email: transcripts (must include course numbers and names, unofficial transcript is fine), link to the CS major at the school (or whichever major you were, so we can see how the courses fit into the major). The CS program director will make a recommendation to the dean's office on how the courses will transfer, and this will be officially approved once you have completed an application to ISU and have had your official transcripts sent.

Criterion   The normal criterion for granting transfer credit are - (a) course has similar content as ISU course, (b) course plays a similar role in the CS major at the other university. Examples of courses that would NOT transfer - (i) A course with title Operating Systems but that focuses on using operating systems would NOT transfer as CS 471/571 Operating Systems because CS 471/571 entails the study of the internals of oeprating systems, including programming them. (ii) A course with title Computer Science II that is a key course in an Information Systems major would likely not transfer as CS 202 Computer Science II because it is very likely the learning outcomes are different for the course in the IS major versus a CS major. (iii) A course with title Web Programming that is a first course in web programming would not transfer as CS 479/579 Web Programming II because CS 479/579 is a second course in web programming that is more involved than is typical in a one semester course. (iv) A course with title Object Oriented Programming that is a 1 credit course would not transfer as CS 260 Object Oriented Programming because CS 260 is a 3 credit course.

Ivy Tech

For those transferring from Ivy Tech with an associates degree in CS or an associates degree in Software Development, the following is how courses are normally transferred for the CS major.

Ivy Tech CourseTransfers as ISU Course
CSCI 101 Computer Science ICS 151 Intro to Programming
CSCI 102 Computer Science IICS 201 Computer Science I
CSCI 105 Discrete Logic for ComputersCS 303 (Ivy Tech course only covers half of 303)
CSCI 202 Computer Science IIICS 202 Computer Science II
CSCI 210 Database SystemsCS 457 Database Processing
SDEV 120 Computing LogicCS 001
SDEV 140 Intro to Software DevelopmentCS 001
SDEV 153 Web Site DevelopmentCS 001
SDEV 200 JavaCS 220 Java Programming
SDEV 210 Visual BasicCS 256 Structured Design
SDEV 220 PythonCS 260 Object-Oriented Programming or CS 001
SDEV 230 C++CS 260 Object-Oriented Programming or CS 001
SDEV 240 C#CS 260 Object-Oriented Programming or CS 001
SDEV 250 Client-side scriptingCS 170 Web Programming
A student completing the CS associates degree at Ivy Tech will have taken Ivy Tech CSCI 101, 102, 105, 202, 210, one of the SDEV 200-240 courses, and will also have transfer credit for ISU's Calculus I and II. Such a student would have credit for ISU's CS 151, 201, 202, 303, 457, Math 131, 132, and two CS 001 electives. A two-year plan for how this student could finish the CS requirements is on the undergraduate advising page.

The following is how the older CINS courses that used to be used were transferred.

  • Ivy Tech CINS 101 or 102 -> ISU CS 101
  • Ivy Tech CINS 121/129/135/136/137 -> ISU CS 256
  • Ivy Tech CINS 221 -> ISU CS 151
  • Ivy Tech CINS 229/233/237 -> ISU CS 260
  • Ivy Tech CINS 236 -> ISU CS 220
  • Ivy Tech CINS 257 or 258 -> ISU CS 170
  • Other Ivy Tech courses do not have ISU CS equivalents and transfer as CS 001
  • Because ISU CS 151, 201, 202 are the foundation of the CS major, we are conservative in granting transfer credit for these courses. A student earning an A in Ivy Tech CINS 121 can be given credit for ISU CS 151. A student earning an A in Ivy Tech CINS 221 can be given credit for ISU CS 201.