CS151 - Introduction to Computer Science

Spring 2020


  1. Quiz A - over h1 content. See getting around the terminal sample quiz and system info sample quiz. For some notes on grading see quizA.txt
    Date: Jan 22
  2. Quiz B - over h2 content, Chapter 1 in text. See Python Cheat Sheets, though this quiz is only over the parts from Chapter 1. See code/QUIZ/ for a sample and the quizB quiz and answers..
    Date: Jan 30
  3. Quiz C - over h3 content, first part of Chapter 2 in the text. See code/QUIZ/ for the quiz and answers. Video explanation.
    Date: Feb 6
  4. Quiz D - over h4 content, chapters 3 and 4 functions and lists. Online section - see blackboard for a sample quiz and Jeff's solutions.
    Date: Feb 28
  5. Quiz E - over h6 content, readings from Khan Academy. See code/QUIZ/quizE.txt for notes on what to expect.
    Date: Mar 11
  6. Quiz F - over h8 content, readings from Khan Academy. See code/QUIZ/quizF.txt for sample questions. Sample is also available in blackboard.
    Date: Mar 18
  7. Quiz G - over python dictionaries, strings, reading/writing files, which are chapters 5, 6, 9 in the text. Study guide is at code/QUIZ/quizG_study.txt
    Date: Due by May 9


  • Exam1. See sample questions in code/QUIZ. Rules - allowed one cheat sheet (front and back), a pen or pencil, and nothing else (no phone, no calculator), not allowed to communicate with anyone about the exam once you have started it until after Saturday. For online section - no using other programs on the computer, no other people in the room. For face-to-face sections - no using the computer, none of the computers in the classroom should be logged in. Recall penalty for cheating - at least a 0 for the exam, more severe (e.g., F for the course) if warranted.
  • Exam2
    Date: 10th to 12th week
  • Final exam. study guide
    Date: exam week (section 301), Wed May 6 8-9:50am (section 001), Mon May 4 10-11:50am (section 004).