sh14's examples based on Steve's

Note - links are to sh14's versions. For items 4-8, resist the urge to just copy my code; try to figure it out, ask for help, etc.

  1. Run the commands mentioned above to have copies of Steve's stuff.
  2. Run the command chfn in your shell to update your name information.
  3. hello.html - run the following from your shell, then edit the file to put in some information.
    cp ~sh14/public_html/hello.html ~/public_html/hello.html
    See mine at hello.html
  4. animate1.html - modify your animate1.html so that each of the following - (a) square is filled in, (b) you have some text above the canvas giving the user instructions, (c) arrow keys move the square (up/down/left/right, use the key.html page...), (d) don't let square go outside of the canvas, (e) anything else you can think of!
  5. animate2.html - modify your animate2.html so that each of the following - (a) make the square blue instead of red, (b) make the square go half as fast, (c) don't erase the canvas each time, so you'll see a history of where the square has been, (d) make the border of the square black, (e) make the square half as wide and tall, (f) make the square start by going down to the left, (g) your choice of something else...
  6. canvas.html - modify your canvas.html so that each of the following - (a) you have another blue triangle that is a mirror of the one that is there, so the two can look like ears, (b) there is a gold square beneath the one that is there already, so it could be the "body" of a gold rectangle snowman, (c) put another gold square beneath the second one, (d) put black squares on the mid-section of the snowman as buttons, (e) draw the text somewhere on the canvas "I love gold, I mean snow.", (f) as you wish.
  7. draw.html - modify your draw.html so that each of the following - (a) you have an extra color button, and use maroon for the color, (b) when the user is done with a line, fill it in also, (c) add a checkbox so the user can specify if they want the line to be filled or not, (d) make the color buttons so that if they are double clicked, the clear button will use that color as the background color, (e) whatever you want.
  8. ship.html - modify your ship.html so that each of the following - (a) make your flame some other color (e.g., orange), (b) use a black background and white ship color, (c) create a second object that is on the screen and has its position change somehow, (d) keep track of the total mount of fuel and draw a fuel rectangle that gets smaller as the fuel is used up, (e) make the ship so it can't go through the "ground" and add gravity that tends to pull the ship down, (f) your choice.

Notes and things to remember ...