Fall 2018    Syllabus CS 201

         Computer Science I
General Information

Contact Your Instructor

Name:  Robert Sternfeld

Email: robert.sternfeld@indstate.edu

Phone: 812-237-2137

Office: Root Hall,  A-140F

Lecture, Exam, Office Hours

Lecture:  TTh 9:30-10:20 RO A017/  WF 9-9:50 HH 008

Exam:  Dec 11, 10:00AM.  Also check the Office of the Registrar’s exam schedule

Instructor Office Hours: TTh 10:30-11:30;  W 8-8:50;

   I will also be available in the early afternoon  T, W, Th.

GA Tutoring: See http://cs.indstate.edu/info/labs.html


C or better is CS 151

Recommended and/or Required Text

A nice book (not required): The C Programming Language by Kernighan, Ritchie

Course Announcements

Announcements regarding the course will be made both during class and via email to your @sycamores.indstate.edu email address. You should regularly check this email account or have it forwarded to an account that you check regularly.

Classroom conduct

You may not use cell phones, iPods/music players, etc. during class. You should be civil and respectful to both the instructor and your classmates, and you should arrive to class a few minutes before the scheduled lecture so you are ready for lecture to begin on time. You may use your computer during class if you are using it to follow along with the examples that are being discussed. You may not check email, facebook, work on other courses, etc. during class.

Course Description

The official description of this course from the catalog is:

This course begins with a history of programming languages, then focuses on programming in a particular language. The following topics are covered in some detail: variables, expressions and operators, control structures, simple data types, arrays, classes, and objects. Algorithm design and security issues are also discussed.

Course Outline

       Expressions, variables, functions, assignment        2 weeks

       Loops, decisions                                                       2 weeks

       Arrays, sorting and searching                                   4 weeks

       Linked lists, binary search trees, hash tables           6 weeks


Learning Outcomes

Be able to use the C language, data structures and associated strategies to solve a variety of programming problems. Be able to pass the programming assessment.

Expected Amount of Work

If you take this class seriously and get what you should out of it, some weeks you will likely be spending around 10-15  hours/week or more on the class.  The students who get A’s in their CS courses and have an easy time finding jobs do spend this much time on this course.  Not everyone would need to spend this much time and not all weeks will be the same, but you should plan on putting in whatever time it takes.   This is the foundation for the rest of CS, so it definitely pays off to do your best here.  Note - this is your most important class, by far (for CS majors).  

Note - your classes should be more important than your part-time job.

Grading and Assignments

The students of this course have the following responsibilities: read assigned readings before lecture, attend lecture, complete homework assignments and programs, take in-class quizzes, take exams.  

Quizzes           10%

Programs        20%

Tests               50%

Final Exam     20%

The averages for quizzes, programs, tests, and the final exam are calculated as percentages.

The course grade is computed from these values using the percents above.

The “Programming Assessment” portion of the CS course policies applies to this class.  You must pass the end-of-semester programming assessment to earn a grade of C or higher in the course.  See http://cs.indstate.edu/info/policies.html#assessment for details.

CS Course Policies

Note that this course follows all standard CS course policies.  In particular check the CS course policies related to - cheating/plagiarism, attendance, missing exams.  See http://cs.indstate.edu/info/policies.html for details.

Late Homeworks

0 points, but feel free to ask me.   Sometimes I might make an exception.

Start Homeworks Early

We suggest attempting a homework assignment the day it is given, or the day after, so that if you have a problem you can ask early. If you continue to have problems in trying to complete the assignment, you will have time to ask again. Many of the homework assignments require thought and problem solving, which takes “time on the calendar” not just “time on the clock”.  By that we mean that spending two hours on 3 consecutive days may be more productive than trying to spend 6 hours at once on the assignment.


The course has a blackboard site. Click here to go to blackboard. You should see this course listed under your courses for the current term. The blackboard site is only used for giving you your grades (go to the course in blackboard, then click “My Tools”, and then “My Grades”). All course content, schedule, etc. is kept in this google doc (which you are currently viewing).

Academic Integrity

Follow the standard CS course policies in terms of what is and is not allowed on assignments: http://cs.indstate.edu/info/policies.html

Please ask the instructor if you have doubts about what is considered cheating in this course.

Special Needs / Student Disabilities

Standard language included in the syllabi for ISU courses.

Indiana State University recognizes that students with disabilities may have special needs that must be met to give them equal access to college programs and facilities. If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, please contact us as soon as possible in a confidential setting either after class or in my office. All conversations regarding your disability will be kept in strict confidence. Indiana State University's Student Support Services (SSS) office coordinates services for students with disabilities: documentation of a disability needs to be on file in that office before any accommodations can be provided. Student Support Services is located on the lower level of Normal Hall in the Center for Student Success and can be contacted at 812-237-2700, or you can visit the ISU website under A-Z, Disability Student Services and submit a Contact Form. Appointments to discuss accommodations with SSS staff members are encouraged.

Once a faculty member is notified by Student Support Services that a student is qualified to receive academic accommodations, a faculty member is obligated to provide or allow a reasonable classroom accommodation under ADA.

Disclosures Regarding Sexual Misconduct

Standard language included in the syllabi for ISU courses.

Indiana State University fosters a campus free of sexual misconduct including sexual harassment, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking and/or any form of sex or gender discrimination.  If you disclose a potential violation of the sexual misconduct policy I will need to notify the Title IX Coordinator.  Students who have experienced sexual misconduct are encouraged to contact confidential resources listed below.  To make a report or the Title IX Coordinator, visit the Equal Opportunity and Title IX website:  http://www.indstate.edu/equalopportunity-titleix/titleix.

The ISU Student Counseling Center – HMSU 7th Floor | 812-237-3939 |  www.indstate.edu/cns

The ISU Victim Advocate – Trista Gibbons, trista.gibbons@indstate.edu

HMSU 7th Floor | 812-237-3939 (office)  |  812-230-3803 (cell)

Campus Ministries - United Campus Ministries | 812-232-0186


www.unitedcampusministries.org | ucmminister2@gmail.com

321 N 7th St., Terre Haute, IN  47807

For more information on your rights and available resources http://www.indstate.edu/equalopportunity-titleix/titleix