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Programming / CS Bootcamps

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We are developing bootcamps on the most important topics and skills that are used throughout our courses. These can be used by incoming undergraduate students to get a head start, incoming graduate students to review, or current students to refresh/remediate.

Linux and CS Systems

The Linux and CS Systems bootcamp is here - Linux and CS Systems Bootcamp.

Programming Bootcamps


Python bootcamp is at Python Programming Bootcamp.


C programming bootcamp is at C Programming Bootcamp.


The R Bootcamp is at R Programming Bootcamp.

Practice Programming Contest Problems

These are problems with precisely defined correct output, so that you can submit your program to make sure it is 100% correct.

Algorithms and Data Structures

Data Structures

Coming soon


Coming soon

Source Control

It is a good idea to use source control when developing software, and is necessary when you are developing in a group or professionally. When working on assignments or course projects it is the best practice to use a private repository so other students cannot copy your work. Git is the industry standard for source control. Here are some resources to use to learn Git.