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Catalog Description

This course begins with a history of programming languages, then focuses on programming in a particular language. The following topics are covered in some detail: variables, expressions and operators, control structures, simple data types, arrays, classes, and objects. Algorithm design and security issues are also discussed. Prerequisite - C or better in CS 151.


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Standard Content

Course Outline

Data formats and number systems (binary, decimal, octal, hex), signed/unsigned, two’s complement, floating point, long, int, short char, C strings C Programming - all keywords and operations C compiler, command-line arguments C library functions - formatted I/O, C strings, I/O with different data formats and number systems Basic data structures - unsorted array, sorted array, linked list, heap, stack, queue, binary search tree. Can do all on paper, do code for some in class and as assignments.

Important Assignments and/or Exam Questions

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Standard resources

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Taking CS 201 and CS 202 Simultaneously If a student requests taking CS 201 and 202 simultaneously to stay on track to graduate on time, the following must be met. At least an A- in CS 151 Number systems (binary, octal, decimal, hex) Firm understanding of programming fundamentals - variables / data types, arrays, control flow, loops, scope, string manipulation, pointers. Ability to write basic programs in C or python - anything that can be done with a few nested control structures (loops, if’s). Review all of tutorialspoint - data structures & algorithms Good understand of the following data structures - unsorted array, sorted array, linked list, stack, queue, hash table, binary search tree. For each can do the following - explain the operations (insert, delete, lookup), run examples on the board, explain the running time of the basic operations Programming assessment - problems 1, 2, 5 correct, get problems 3 and 4 correct possibly with assistance Taking CS 201 and 303 Simultaneously To take CS 303 simultaneously, you must At least a B in CS 151 Meet items b), e), f) from the above list