CS 499 Senior Seminar

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Catalog Description

The senior seminar is taken by students in their last year. The course prepares students for the process of applying for and interviewing for jobs or a graduate program. Students also present on current topics in computer science. Prerequisite - senior standing, C or better in CS 202.


  • ready to graduate

Standard Content

Course Outline

  • Creating application materials - resume, cover letter
  • Technical application materials - github with sample projects, personal website with information linked
  • Practice interview questions - basic programming, at least one other type (database, web, etc.)
  • Job search and applying for jobs
  • Presentation skills

Learning Outcomes

  • solidify/refresh basic programming, can handle interview questions, well-prepared application materials

Important Assignments and/or Exam Questions

  • ISU CS programming assessment - must pass to pass the class
  • Hackerrank programming asdfproblems - basic programming and at least one other category
  • Application materials - create and make adjustments based on feedback
  • Visit Career Center to receive feedback on application materials
  • Mock interview with CS 499 instructor
  • Mock interview at Career Center
  • Pick one project from coursework and create powerpoint presentation, give presentation to the class, make corrections based on feedback

Standard resources