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Training Domains

  • Python programming
  • C programming
  • Data structures
  • Algorithms
  • Unix/linux
  • Mathematics

Training Levels

  • Numbered, with different domains having a different number of levels.
  • Each level is designed to be around BLANK many hours of work (depending on your background and how quickly you pick it up.
  • Each level assumes completion of the previously numbered level.

Training Packages

Course Credit

  • Prior Learning Assessment

Overall framework...

  • Skills-oriented - able to do a specific thing / solve a specific kind of problem
  • Problem of the day/week - some public, separate ones used for certifying
  • Evaluation - auto-checked problems of the day/week, final interview
  • Solution submission - results of running program, just put into a form; their source code, which won't need to be checked unless to verify

Skills combine and vocab+, to give "", "" combine to give course credit! What is "" called?

Skills, achievements, levels, roles, certification.


  • play computer (arithmetic, strings, functions, lists, loops, nested loops)
  • run the data structure (array [sorted / unsorted], linked list [singly / doubly linked], binary tree [non-balancing, AVL/red-black], hash table [buckets / probing], heap)

Training modules...

  • Python Programming - basic, intermediate
  • Linux Use - basic, intermediate
  • Discrete Mathematics - basic, intermediate
  • Data Structures - basic, intermediate
  • Algorithms - basic, intermediate

Sources of info...

  • Curated from publicly available sources, put into an outline to meet the goals
  • Khan Academy CSP
  • TutorialsPoint
  • w3schools
  • automatetheboringstuff

Software setup

  • Docker image with everything needed, all runs on their system