Python Keywords, Concepts, Functions

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See also Python Programming - Getting Started

Following are terse descriptions for Python3 keywords and commonly used functions. For more information, see w3schools for a bit more explanation and for the language reference.

Python Keywords

  • break - exit the current loop

Function to write to the screen: Data type for True and False: Text data type: Function to convert a string to an integer: Function to generate a sequence of numbers: Determine whether two objects are the same object(not just value): To load a module: Declare a function: Loop with only condition: Conditional statements (three keywords): Function to get the length of a string: Loop with that iterates through a list: Keyword to send a value back from a function: Boolean operator, True only if both sides are True: Boolean operator, True if either side is True: Boolean operator, negates: Boolean values (two keywords): Remove from a list by position: Handle an exception (2 keywords): Test if something is inside of a list/string/tuple/dictionary: Special value for a variable that has no value:

Python Commonly Used Functions