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(ISU CS Presentations and Posters)
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[https://scholar.rose-hulman.edu/rhumj/ Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal]
[https://scholar.rose-hulman.edu/rhumj/ Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal]
== ISU CS Presentations and Posters ==
== Recent ISU CS Presentations and Posters ==
[http://cs.indstate.edu/info/posters/ CS Student Posters]

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This page contains information about conferences that ISU CS students sometimes attend, and journals or publication venues that ISU students sometimes submit papers to.


CCSC - Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Indiana Academy of Sciences National Conference on Undergraduate Research Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Math Conference LSAMP (underrepresented in science) National Collegiate Honors Council


Journal of CCSC Proceedings of IAS Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal

Recent ISU CS Presentations and Posters

CS Student Posters