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This page gives basic information for CS courses, and also allows you to view the full list of classes for a given term. To view the full list of CS classes, select the term from the list below and click "Submit". The official descriptions and prerequisites for each course can be viewed in the university catalog at the following links.

Undergrad Courses - 2018-2019 catalog Grad Courses - 2018-2019 catalog

Schedule of Courses

Note that for future terms, some courses may have the department chairperson listed as the instructor. The chairperson is listed as the instructor for any course if we do not know yet who the instructor will be.

Schedule of CS courses Choose which term

Course Sequencing and Websites

The recommend order to take courses in is listed on the advising pages for undergraduates and graduate students. For undergraduate courses, the prerequisites are illustrated in the CS undergraduate course prereq map. For graduate courses, see the CS grad couse prereq map.

For each course, an indication is given whether the course is normally offered in the fall, spring, summer, or some combination. If there are no "Y" for a course, it is offered as needed. For courses listed as "even" or "fall", the course is offered only in even (or odd) numbered years. All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted. Some course numbers below are linked to documents giving a description of what material is covered by default in the course (along with links to standard references).

Note: for each course, the most recent offering of the course which has a publicly available website is listed here. Some courses exclusively use the university's blackboard website. We make no promises that the following links will work forever, but they at least are kept current while the courses are being offered.

Default content See CS Course Basic Information for what the normal content for each course is. For a longer list of what might go into these courses, you can look at the spreadsheet with all ACM recommended learning outcomes for CS