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Sycamore Community Health Initiative

The university has decided that as of Jan 1, 2022, all students and employees on campus will need to either upload proof of covid-19 vaccination or regular negative tests (likely weekly or bi-weekly). All indications are that this will indeed be enforced. The strong preference is that people be vaccinated (just like students have always been required to show proof of a number of other vaccines, including MMR, Td, Tb, Meningitus). You can be vaccinated on campus (as of November, every Tuesday and Thursday 1-4:30pm at the ISU Health Center) or in the community (you can search for sites through the state, or schedule directly with any local pharmacy). Note that it takes 6-7 weeks from your first shot to be considered fully vaccinated (two weeks after your second dose you are considered fully vaccinated, and the second does is 3-4 weeks after the first).

Covid-19 - Recommended Articles

Note - articles are added to this lest at the bottom, so least recent is first. And the list has not been updated since 2020.

Covid-19 - Data and Analysis

Many will be interested in examining the data related to the spread of Covid-19. Some sources of data, articles on simulations, links to research, etc. (least recent first). Note - try the youtube videos first, assuming you like watching videos.