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This page is used to keep track of currently proposed curriculum changes for computer science. The page was last updated in the fall of 2021.


Math 320

Status: already approved

Math asked if we would count Math 320 as a prereq in place of CS 303 for CS courses they are including in their proposed Data Science BS. We approved updating CS 457&L, CS 475&L, CS 557, CS 575 to allow Math 320 as a prereq in place of CS 303. Those are already approved and will be in effect for fall 2022. The proposed Data Science BS in curriculog:

High Impact Practice

Status: approved by department, being considered by foundational studies

We have proposed to add CS 499 to the new High Impact Practice (HIP) category. The proposal in curriculog:

Math 241

Status: needs department vote

Proposed change is to require Math 241 for the CS BS. Currently the CS BS requires either Math 241 or Math 341. Since Math 241 is a prereq for Math 341, it is simpler to just require Math 241.

CSS courses

Status: needs department vote and vote from Crim

Proposal to create new courses CS 210, CS 211, CS 331 that are cross-listed with the CSS versions. This would allow us to schedule our own sections of these classes without needing to wait on the School of Criminology to schedule them for us. Note that the rules for cross-listed courses (at - both departments would need to approve the proposal and then any changes to the courses later on.

CS 470, UDIE

Status: being worked on in the department

R.B. Abhyankar is working on potentially submittting CS 470 as an Upper Division Integrative Elective. Information on UDIE's is here - and information about proposing Foundational Studies courses is here -

CS BS, Core Sequence

Discuss and reevaluate what goes in each of the courses in the core CS sequence (CS 101, 151, 201, 202, 303, 351). Starting point for discussion...

  • CS 101 Fundamentals of Computing - 1/3 python, 2/3 other (linux, base systems, number formats, computing vocab)
  • CS 151 Introduction to Computer Science - 2/3 python, 1/3 other (linux, base systems, number formats, searching (linear/binary), sorting)
  • CS 201 Programming Structures - 2/3 python (with focus on object-oriented), 1/3 other (searching/sorting, theoretical understanding of python data structures)
  • CS 202 Data Structures and Algorithms - little to no programming, 1/2 good understanding of how various DS & algs work, 1/2 "theory" (proofs of correctness / run-time, big O analysis, correct use of asymptotic notation)
  • CS 303 Discrete Structures and Computing Theory - 1/2 structures (integers, integers mod p, graphs, automata/ regular expressions, matrices, grammars), 1/2 "theory" (proofs of all of these, some overlap with CS 202)
  • CS 351 Computer Organization - 1/2 assembly/C, 1/2 ?



Status: needs discussion The thought is to have a graduate CS certificate for those who want to do some CS coursework but don't need a whole degree. A starting point for discussion...

  • Applied Computer Science: CS 501, some combination of 500-level/600-level courses from the information science concentration of the BS, professional concentration of the MS