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The CS faculty maintain a variety of email lists used to send announcements and keep in touch with the CS students and faculty. Each is described briefly below. Click on the link to a list if you wish to subscribe to the list or modify your subscription, or send email to Jeff Kinne at

For those authorized to send email to the lists, you send email to the name of the list followed by So to send email to the CS undergraduate students, you would compose a message to If you are not authorized to send a message to the list, it will be automatically ignored by the email system.

Students (cs-ugrads, cs-grads, cs-courses)

cs-ugrads and cs-grads are used to contact Computer Science majors (both undergraduate and graduate) about events in the department, job opportunities, etc. The lists are updated each term to include the currently enrolled and active majors of the department. There is one list each for: cs undergraduate students, cs graduate students. cs-courses is updated each term to be all students taking any CS courses (whether the student is a CS major or not).

Note: students do not need to sign up for these lists as long as you have declared your major by the beginning of the semester; if you have, you are automatically put on the appropriate email lists.

The list pages are at

Alumni (cs-alumni)

This email list is used to contact CS alumni about job opportunities or anything else that would be relevant to alumni. The list is updated each term to include those who have graduated. The list page is at

Chat (cs-chat)

This email list is used to allow CS students to communicate with each other. Students who are added to cs-ugrads and cs-grads are also added to this list. The difference is that students can post to the list - questions, announcements, etc. - and faculty in general do not look at the messages. Students can ask for advice on courses, inquire about used books, notify others of free food in the lab, organize a study group, ask about advice for restaurants or where to live, etc. You should not post anything that is illegal, inflammatory, or inappropriate. The list is moderated by CS student officers of the ACM club, and faculty will be notified of anything inappropriate. New graduate students will need to add their ISU email address to the list - go to the list page to add yourself to the list. You can only post to the list using your ISU email address, and you would send your message to The list page is at


This email list is used to contact Computer Science faculty. The list is managed (not open to subscription requests). The mailing list is cs-faculty.