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The goal of the computer science fall project contest is to showcase the types of work that ISU CS students work on. We thank all who submit a project. This is great experience for you and helps the department show off your work to the outside world.

Awards may be given for the following categories: 100 level coursework, 200 level coursework, 3/4/500 level coursework, 600 level coursework, games, data science, algorithms, teaching. And if deemed appropriate we may declare a "best" project in some other categories as well.

Format and Submission

Each submission should be a one page slide (pdf preferred, exported/saved from powerpoint, google slides, etc.). The slide should contain the following information. You can check sample submissions to see good examples of the above (thanks to Zach Noble for providing these).

  • Project name
  • Category - if done as part of a course, indicate which course, and if not then you could put "personal project" or something along those lines.
  • Link to sourcecode - on github,,, or somewhere you have posted the code that is publicly accessible.
  • Goal - what problem is trying to be solved / what is the purpose of the project.
  • Description - a few bullet points or sentences describing the project.
  • Graphic - some screenshot, chart, or some kind of figure related to the project. Include a caption if the figure is not self explanatory.

Other Rules

  • Multiple submissions - you may submit as many different submissions as you like.
  • Posting of projects - by submitting you agree to have your submission posted on the department website/wiki. You can opt-out by asking to not have your submission posted, though this might impact your ability to be declared a winner.


  • Winners will be declared based on feedback from CS faculty and/or graduate assistants. Judging will be based on some combination of the following: functionality of the program, how interesting is the idea, how tricky or complicated is the problem, how elegant is the solution, how well-organized/documented is the code.
  • Winners will be declared in some subset/superset of the categories mentioned at the top of this page. Honorable mentions might also be declared.