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See also Python Programming - Getting Started

Once you can do some basic Python programming it is time to have some of your work checked. Hackerrank is a site where you can create an account and work on problems that will be checked if they are correct. Note that hackerrank has very strict rules for accepting correct solutions. Start with the basic problems to get a feel for what hackerrank expects.

Basic Python

These problems are all pretty basic - require a single loop, if statement, etc. They are good when you are just getting started with Python and to get familiar with hackerrank.

For a bit more practice with basic problems, try out more of the problems that are listed as "Easy". Once you have completed the ones listed in this section you should be ready to complete more of the "Easy" problems on your own.

A Bit More Involved

These problems require nested loops, working with lists of lists, reading a problem statement that takes more time to understand, or other things that are the next level of difficulty. Solve all of the Basic Python problems before starting on these.

And a Bit More

These problems are still a bit more involved. Some require some abstract thinking about the problem, a programming "trick", or other key insight. Note that at this point you are working on problems such that some of the lab assistants in the unix lab may not have solved these problems. This is where you want to be at - you have mastered the basics and are working on problems independently!