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Most of these start of term announcements are related to covid-19. That's just the way of things right now.

Announcements from the university on covid-19 -

University Dean of Students -

Unix help lab is starting the fall 2021 term open both in person and online. See Labs and Office Hours.

Stay home if ill or potentially exposed

CS courses are mostly available online Most CS courses have at least one section of the course that is offered online either asynchronously (all videos, no meeting time) or synchronously (regular meeting times, on Zoom). For most CS courses it should be fairly easy and seamless to participate remotely when needed (i.e., if quarantining). And for most CS courses it is probably fine if you want to participate mostly online due to concerns; check with your instructor.

Masks are required indoors and you will be asked to leave if not wearing a mask.

Upgrade your mask Surgical masks are generally better than cloth masks, and N95/KN94/KF94 (for example, these) are generally better than surgical masks. If searching for surgical masks look for ones that are made in the US and claim to be ASTM Level 3 (for example, these). If using cloth masks, throw them out when they get too worn out, and wash them regularly. If reusing disposable masks, leave in your car in the heat for a day or unused for longer before reusing and throw out after using for a few different days.

Try a mask The CS rooms will have a stack of surgical masks to start the term. If you haven't tried these, take one to try.

Office hours Most faculty will have some office hours available face to face, and also happy to meet online.

Please get vaccinated If everyone were vaccinated,

Computers in the CS rooms are available for use (using your CS class accounts). They will not be sanitized, so please use hand sanitizer before and after use. Feel free to use your laptop and plug in to power.