Conference on Computational Complexity

Student Travel Grants

Below is the information regarding the student travel grant from CCC'12. We plan to offer a student travel grant for CCC'13 as well. The application process will likely be similar to that used for CCC'12; details will be posted at a later date.

A limited number of travel awards will be provided for graduate students from U.S. universities attending the 2012 Conference on Computational Complexity. These awards are for needy students to help cover their expenses. To apply, fill out and submit the form below. An email will be sent to your advisor when you have submitted the application asking her/him to submit a statement of support indicating availability of other funds for your travel.

These travel awards are supported by the National Science Foundation under award CCF-1143914. We encourage applications from members of underrepresented groups for these awards.


For questions about the grant not answered on this webpage, send email to with the subject line: Complexity 2012 travel award. If you submit an application and do not receive a confirmation email soon after submitting, please contact the same email address or Jeff Kinne directly.

Selection Process

The information provided will be used to prioritize the awards. Preference will be given to students who do not have other sources of funding. We will try to support a diverse group of students with some preference given to authors of contributed papers. Late applications will not be considered. We will announce the awards within a few days after the application deadline. All who applied will be notified whether they received an award and if so, the amount.

Reimbursement Process

Details on how to be reimbursed for expenses will be sent to those awarded funding after the decisions have been made. For the time being, be aware that only flights on US carriers can be reimbursed, and remember to save all original receipts.

Guidelines for Detailed Expense List Below

Registration fees are posted at You can find information on hotels that have special arrangements with the conference at



Application for Student Travel Grant
Your Name
Your Email Address
URL for your personal webpage (if you have one)
Your University
State your University is in
City your University is in
Your advisor's name
Your advisor's email address
Expected graduation date (yyyy-mm, e.g. 2013-05)
Degree expected (e.g. PhD Computer Science, MS Mathematics)
Years attended CCC conference in the past (leave blank if none)
Detailed expense list, in U.S. dollars
Brief statement describing your academic standing and interests
(Optional) If you are part of an underrepresented group, please indicate this.

Complete all form data, including reCAPTCHA. Then click "Submit" to submit your application.