Course Schedule

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This web-page will be kept up to date with the required reading to perform before each lecture.

Readings/Topics Schedule

Here I will post the readings and perhaps some brief descriptions of what is covered each day in class. Readings are from Fundamentals of Computer Graphics unless noted otherwise.

WeekReading Topics
Aug 21, 23

Ch. 2, 3

C/C++ programming, basics of OpenGL. Converting from 3D to 2D coordinate, transformations in 3D space.

Note: Jeff out of town - view lectures with Tegrity in Blackboard, and check email for announcements.

Link: For what is going on in graphics research, see ACM SigGraph.

Aug 28, 30

Ch. 5, 6, 7

More of the same topics from last week.

Sep 4, 6 Ch. 4, 8,

Ray tracing. More of the basics of OpenGL - shading, texture mapping.

Sep 11, 13 Ch. 4, 8

Ray tracing, graphics pipeline, rasterization, ...

Sep 18, 20 Ch. 10, 11

First exam: Sep 20

On Tuesday or next week - texture mapping, shading in OpenGL.

Sep 25, 27
Oct 2, 4 Ch. 11

Texture Mapping

Note: Chapters that are not on the list, but feel free to explore and talk about some topics from these chapters when it's your turn - Ch 17 animation, Ch 19 building interactive applications

Oct 9, 11 Ch. 12

Data structures for graphics

Importing objects into OpenGL from other programs,

Oct 16, 18 Ch. 15

Curves, splines

Extra information: An Introduction to NURBS and OpenGL

Oct 23, 25 Ch. 18

Graphics hardware, GLSL

Second exam: probably not

Oct 30, Nov 1 Ch. 16


Nov 6, 8

For the rest of the semester - more ray tracing stuff...

Nov 13, 15
Nov 20, 22

Thanksgiving break - no classes

Nov 27, 29
Dec 4, 6
Dec 13 10am-noon

Final Exam