Course Schedule

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This web-page will be kept up to date with the required reading to perform before each lecture.

Readings/Topics Schedule

Here I will post the readings and perhaps some brief descriptions of what is covered each day in class. Readings are Database System Concepts unless noted otherwise. If you are using a different edition than the 6th, make sure to check the table of contents of the 6th edition and your edition (because chapters/sections may have been moved around between different editions).

The preliminary plan is to cover most of the first three parts (relational databases, database design, data storage), and selected topics from the rest of the book based on the interests of the class.

WeekReading Topics
Aug 21, 23

Ch. 1, 2, 3

Note: Jeff out of town - view lectures with Tegrity in Blackboard, and check email for announcements.

Link: For what's going on in database research, see ACM SigMod.

Aug 28, 30

Ch. 4

More of the same topics from last week.

Sep 4, 6 5.2, 5.4, 5.5

Still more of SQL.

Sep 11, 13 Ch. 7, 9.7

Security/attacks. Database design, ER diagrams.

Sep 18, 20

First exam: Sep 20

Sep 25, 27

Ch. 10, 11

Different physical storage devices - pros and cons. Basic issues to deal with in storing database information in files.

Oct 2, 4

Binary search trees and B+ trees.

Oct 9, 11

B+ trees and hash tables.

Oct 16, 18

Ch. 12, 13

Query processing and optimization

Oct 23, 25

Second exam: Oct 25

Oct 30, Nov 1
Nov 6, 8
Nov 13, 15
Nov 20, 22

Thanksgiving break - no classes

Nov 27, 29
Dec 4, 6
Dec 11 3-5pm

Final Exam