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A CS course might require that you visit the CS help lab (aka the unix lab) early in the term. The reason for this is to force you to check it, so that when you do need help you hopefully feel comfortable going there for help. For basic information on the help lab see Unix Lab and Help


You should find a time to visit the CS help lab either in person or on zoom. Try to pick a time that will normally work for you.

You should say something like "hello, I am in CS ___ and am supposed to say hello for an assignment". You should ask what the GA's name is and write it down. You will ask the GA for one piece of advice related to computer science and write it down. You should write down just the basic idea, even if they have more than a few words to say to explain their advice.

You should also tell the GA your name and your CS class username for the course. The GA should write down (on paper or typing) your name, what course you are doing this for, your CS class username, and the advice they gave you.

Pass rating check The GA that you check in with will submit the information to the instructor. You will also submit the information to the instructor. The instructor will check that all the information is there and that what the GA submitted agrees with what you submitted.

Note - the shared spreadsheet that GAs use for submitting information to Jeff Kinne's courses is this link, which should work only for the current term's GAs.