CS 510 Fall 2022

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For more information on applying to the CS MS program, see http://cs.indstate.edu/info/apply.html

Course Goals

CS 510 is Fast Track Introduction to Programming. The course has no pre-reqs (can be taken by those with no prior CS or programming experience) and is meant to (a) get you programming (in python), and (b) get you ready to pass the admissions interview (python programming and basic algorithms / data structures). CS 510 would count as elective credit towards the MS degree.

Who should Register

Domestic students can apply to ISU as a Guest/Unclassifed student and take the course either face to face or online. To do this, click on the Apply button, click to create an account if this is your first time starting an application at ISU, choose Graduate when prompted between Graduate or Undergraduate, for the Field of Interest choose "Guest Admission / Unclassified", and for Program of Study choose "Guest Admission (One Semester Only)". Choose the term that you plan to take the course, and complete the remaining required fields.

International students can check back here for course info (sample quizzes, reading assignments, programming assignments, tutorials, etc.) that will be posted publicly throughout the fall 2022 term. International students outside of the US are not in general allowed to take courses online inside of the US without being enrolled in a degree program. International persons who are in the US on a visa of some type might be allowed to take the course (in particular, those on F2 or H4 likely would be allowed).

For those with no or little prior programming and CS experience, you are highly recommended to take this course to get you ready to apply to the CS MS program. For international students, you can get some benefit by following along with the material that will be posted here.

Learning Outcomes

The specific learning outcomes of the course are as follows.

Course Content

Course content will be coming online later in summer 2022.