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Major in Computer Science?

Computer Science is a wonderful major (#1 ranked major by Princeton Review, ranked top 10 by just about everyone) - there are plenty of well-paying jobs, you can work in many different fields, and the work can be very interesting. You likely will not be sure if Computer Science is the right field for you until after you have done your first 1-2 courses that require a large amount of programming. So you should begin by signing up for the first course in the CS major (CS 151, see our programs). You can also check the CS Flyer and Advice linked below, and other information linked from our CS Careers page.

Undergraduate Admissions

The CS undergraduate program does not require a separate application to the program. Any admitted student can declare the CS major (or minor). For information on applying to Indiana State, see the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

For those considering ISU, if you have any questions please be in touch with the Assistant Chairperson of Computer Science. See also the CS Flyer and Advice.

Graduate Admissions

University Requirements

First, all conditions of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies must be met, as listed on their website. In particular, an applicant must hold a 4-year undergraduate/bachelor's degree before beginning at Indiana State (you can apply during your last year if you finish before starting at ISU), and must either upload a transcript showing the final degree awarded into the application system or have an official transcript sent to ISU (if finishing your BS, upload your current transcript). International students must also satisfy English proficiency requirements listed at the bottom of

Department Requirements - Skype Interview

All applicants who have a complete application will have a Skype interview with a CS faculty member. For admission, the following is the minimum standard we are looking for:

  1. Can communicate clearly in English.
  2. Can do basic programming from scratch.
  3. Basic understanding of data structures and algorithms.
  4. Interest in continuing in CS.

See the interview evaluation form and sample questions we are using (sample questions beginning on page 2). For consideration for an assistantship the standards are much higher. For those who need to study before performing the phone interview, please do so! We will be happy if you studied for the interview and do well!

More Details on Graduate Admissions