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This section contains information for CS majors to help get you started with logging into the CS server and do the sorts of programming that goes on in most of the CS courses

Operating System and Class Accounts

Many of the CS courses make use of the CS server, which runs Linux. For courses that use the CS server, your programming assignments will be compiled and run on the CS server.

If your class makes use of the CS server, you will be given a "class account". These class accounts allow you to login to the CS server remotely and login to the computers in the CS lab and classroom (Root Hall, A-015, A-017, A-019). The class accounts will be given to you by your instructor. The class account login names all start with cs and then the number of course. For example, CS 151 students get class accounts that begin with cs151 (e.g., cs151000, cs151001, ...). Note that the class accounts are deleted at the end of each semester, so you need to backup your files at the end of the semester (transfer the files to your home computer). If you are a CS major and would like a permanent account on the CS server you can ask the CS lab/server coordinator.

For courses using the CS server, you are encouraged to do your programming while logged into the server (e.g., using Putty from Windows, or another terminal client if using another OS). You should use the same program to compile/run your code that the instructor uses, so you are sure it will function properly when your instructor grades your code. For more, see Linux and CS Systems - Getting Started.

Using Linux and Logging into CS Systems

See the Linux and CS Systems - Getting Started for getting started in Linux - getting software setup on your personal computer, basic commands to use, text editors, logging into the CS systems, etc.