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Key Contacts

Computer Science Key Contacts

Assistant Chairperson of CS   Jeff Kinne, Associate Professor -, 812-237-2126, Root Hall A-140D
CS Lab/Server Coordinator   Steve Baker, Instructor -, 812-237-2138, Root Hall A-140B

Department Key Contacts

Math & CS Department Chairperson   Liz Brown, Professor -, 812-237-2130, Root Hall A-116
Math & CS Department Administrative Assistant   Arvana Edwards -, 812-237-2130, Root Hall A-115

Normal Hours for Department Office   8am-noon, 1-4:30pm
Address   Math & CS Dept, ISU, 424 Nth 7th Street, Terre Haute, Indiana, 47809, USA
Phone   812-237-2130     fax   812-237-4296


CS People - complete list of CS faculty, GAs, student workers, ACM officers


We are located in Root Hall. See our location for details.

Who to Contact

For most issues you can contact the Assistant Chairperson of CS or the Administrative Assistant.

For most issues there is a second CS faculty member who is involved in that process and could be contacted as well. The additional CS faculty member for each area is listed below. See the CS people page for contact information of these CS faculty.

  • Graduate admissions - Arash Rafiey
  • Graduate student probation and dismissals - R.B. Abhyankar
  • Graduate advising - R.B. Abhyankar
  • CS graduate assistants - Geoff Exoo
  • ACM club - Steve Baker
  • Transfer credit (undergraduate) - R.B. Abhyankar
  • Transfer credit (graduate) - R.B. Abhyankar
  • Student issues - Geoff Exoo
  • Curriculum - Geoff Exoo
  • OIT ATAC (Academic Technology Advisory Committee) - CS rep is Jeff Kinne
  • OIT ITFG (Instructional Tools Focus Group) - Rob Sternfeld
  • Website - Steve Baker
  • Equipment - Steve Baker, Geoff Exoo
  • Programming Assessment - Rob Sternfeld
  • Other Assessment - department chairperson
  • Graduation - R.B. Abhyankar
  • CS 499 - Rob Sternfeld
  • Undergraduate admissions - department chairperson
  • Schedule of Classes - department chairperson
  • Department FAC - CS representative is Jeff Kinne
  • CS Personnel Committee - chairperson of the committee is Jeff Kinne