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Welcome to admitted students who plan to major in computer science. Here are some answers to common questions and pointers to information about registering for courses, etc.

What kinds of jobs/careers? Developer, programmer, administrator at organizations like these.

Overview of the major and minor CS Major, CS Minor, Course sequence, Graphical overview

Which concentration? See here.

What CS course to start with? Information science concentration requires CS 101 Fundamentals of Computing, other concentrations do not. The CS 151 placement test helps decide if you are ready for CS 151 Introduction to Computer Science.

Get a head start? CS 101 and CS 151 are offered online asynchronous in the summer, classes start May 16. Or, do some online tutorials on Python programming.

Computer requirement? Windows/Mac/Linux preferred, though can make do with a Chromebook as well. Linux CS lab is available for use during business hours. See here for more.

Related majors/minors? Information Technology, Cyber and Security Studies, Mathematics, General Studies (2 minors). See the list of programs.


Programs and advising - check all of the links at CS / Programs and CS / Students

Undergrads - Computer Science Placement to make sure you are ready for the courses you are registered for, and if you are a new freshman then starting in CS 101 will not negatively impact your timeline

Faculty, staff, lab assistants - ISU CS People

Unix help lab - Labs and Office Hours and Lab schedule

Start of Term Announcements