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The CS faculty who currently serve as advisors for undergraduate students are Dr. Kinne and May. For graduate students Dr. Abhyankar and Dr. Rafiey serve as advisors. Be sure to ask for the thoughts of other CS faculty and students.
Contact info - CS People
Program overviews/links - CS programs
More - undergrad advising, graduate advising, new graduate students


List of courses offered, when normally taught, schedule of courses per semester - CS Courses.

Current term course websites - CS 101, CS 303, CS 459, CS 471, CS 499, CS 500, CS 510, CS 617

Old course websites - Spring 2022 - CS 101, CS 170, CS 201, CS 256, CS 303, CS 351, CS 401/501, CS 456/556, CS 457/557, CS 469/569, CS 499, CS 601, CS 609, CS 618

Policies and Procedures

The CS faculty have decided on a number of policies that apply to all CS courses, and there are a variety of procedures that students and faculty should be aware of.
See CS Policies and CS Procedures.


In addition to the links above, other potentially helpful pages - FAQ, Labs and Office Hours, Help and Getting Started.

Other Information

Available student positions will be posted at - CS Positions

For more information please consult - the CS wiki.