Gage Golish

About Me:

I am a graduate student pursuing a master's degree in computer science at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana. I currently serve as a graduate assistant for the Math and Computer Science Department. My duties include teaching courses, tutoring students, and completing assigned tasks. My primary career interests are in software development and machine learning.



  • GANs: A CLI tool for training generative adversarial networks and displaying the results, written in python. Technologies used include NumPy and PyTorch. Developed during an exploratory research project conducted in fall 2019 with Adam Davenport. The goal of the project was to familiarize ourselves with current research in generative adversarial networks, especially the loss function used during training; the CLI tool was written to aid in this exploration.
  • Definite Integral Approximator: A C program for numerically approximating definite integrals. The method of integration is Simpson's rule. Some notable features include a custom tokenizer / parser, adaptive mesh size, and the ability to integrate in n dimensions.
  • NEATpy: A Python 3 package for evolving neural networks using the NEAT algorithms. This project features an original implementation of NEAT written in C++. This implementation is used as the back end code for a simple to use Python 3 front end. This project is still in an early developmental stage.
  • netmon / netrans: netmon and netrans are a pair of projects that I completed during a graduate network programming course in the fall of 2018. netmon is a network monitor with a curses display. It monitors a raw socket and displays information about network traffic. netrans is a simple file transfer protocol written from scratch with my own packet scheme.
  • EXT2 I/O Library: A C library for reading and writing files directly to and from an EXT2 file system. Rigorously follows the EXT2 standard documentation to work on any general EXT2 filesystem. Written in the fall of 2017 for an operating systems class.
  • Text Compressor: A C program that compresses plaintext files. The algorithms used are Huffman coding, move-to-front transform, and the Burrows-Wheeler transform.