Undergraduate Admissions

Students wishing to major or minor in Computer Science should consult the undergraduate programs for information about which courses to sign up for.

The department does not require admissions into our programs - any student admitted to Indiana State can delcare a major or minor within our department. For information on applying to Indiana State, see the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Those who are interested in majoring or minoring in one of our programs are encouraged to schedule a meeting with one of our faculty advisors to discuss our programs.

Should you Major in Computer Science

If you are beginning your college career or considering changing careers, you may not be certain whether Computer Science is right for you. Here are some links to pages to look at to try to get a better idea.

If you come to ISU, the CS major starts with the first programming course, CS 151 Introduction to Programming. Most people have a pretty good idea whether Computer Science is right for them after taking this course. Some students still are not sure, and are only certain after taking the next course in the CS major, CS 201 Computer Science I.