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Learning Resources

Coding and Computing for All

There is much information, courses, videos, and so forth online for learning about coding and computing. We keep our recommendations up to date in our wiki.
Our recommendations - Computing for All

Coding Demos

Would you like to see some of the things you can do with computer science, and a bit of a sense of what goes into it? We are collecting interesting demonstrations for you to check out.
Coding Demos

Programming Bootcamp

We are developing programming bootcamps that incoming and returning students can use to help learn programming, or brush up on skills.
Programming bootcamps - C Programming, Python Programming, R Programming

Algorithms and Data Structures Bootcamp

Coming soon (or sometime) - bootcamp related to algorithms and data structures.

Linux and File System Bootcamp

Most of the CS courses at ISU make use of Linux lab and server computers. We have a bootcamp to get you started once you have an account to use on the system. The bootcamp information may be of use to others as well who need to use Linux at home, work, or school.
Linux and CS Systems Bootcamp

The Sciences

We hope that you are interested and curious about everything, not only programming and computer science. A few youtube channels that some of us recommend as a way to waste some time without it being 100% wasted - Science and Other Youtube channels