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Should you Major in Computer Science?

If you are beginning your college career or considering changing careers, you may not be certain whether Computer Science is right for you. Here are some links to pages to look at to try to get a better idea.

Most people are not 100% sure until after you have taken the first 1-2 programming courses in the CS major. At ISU, that means taking CS 151 Intro to Computer Science, which is offered every term and is normally offered online in the summer and spring. See also our programs.

Finding Positions to Apply For

Here are some tips on looking for jobs - whether that is internships during your studies or a full time position after graduating. First, take a look at the ISU CS Placements linked below of companies that ISU CS students have worked at. Second, take a look at lists online of the largest employers in whatever region you want to work in. A few lists for Indiana are given next. Note that some companies do NOT advertise with services like Monster, etc. You should check their websites for positions. You can also use a search engine (i.e., google) with queries like "Eli Lilly Computer Science position" or "Terre Haute programmer internship". And you can check jobs sites like, Monster, etc.

Note that there are far more positions posted than you can apply for. You should be realistic about which positions you take the time to apply to (i.e., ones where you meet the minimum qualifications). It may also help to focus in on one type of position (e.g., web developer, or database admin, or iOS app development) so that you can work on being more competitive for that type of position (e.g., by studying, working on a project, etc.).

Interview Skills