CS Labs

Room A-017 in Root Hall is used primarily for courses, with 36 Linux PCs available for student use during lecture and lab time. Room A-015, the "Unix Lab", has 12 Linux PCs and additional seating for those with laptops, and also has a couch, microwave, and coffee maker. Students are encouraged to work on assignments and projects in the Unix lab, and are free to socialize as long as other students are not distracted.

See the CS People Page for graduate and undergraduate assistants who might be in the lab. See also the ACM Page for the ACM officers who might be in the lab.

Lab Policies and Lab Assistant Duties can be found on the wiki.

Unix Lab Hours and Help

The Unix lab is staffed by lab assistants so that it can remain open during most business hours. Each lab assistant makes sure to stay up to date on a few of the CS courses, so that students from the course can come to ask questions when that lab assistant is on duty.

Open Hours   The calendar below shows (will be updated soon to show) who is on duty. The lab is typically open during the fall and spring semesters during most business hours.

Who Covers My Course   See people for which lab assistants can help with which courses. All lab assistants can help with CS 101, 151, 201, 256, 202, 500. For other courses you can ask but the lab assistant might not be able to help you.

GA duties Most GAs are instructors or graders for half of their 20 hours per week, and schedule 10 hours per week in the lab for the rest of their hours. The 10 hours in the lab is divided into 8 "general purpose" hours and 2 hours of problem/recitation.