[CS 621 – Advanced Discrete Structure - Fall 2015


Course Texts :

Discrete Combinatorial Mathematics: An Applied Introduction Edition: (5th edition), Ralph P. Grimaldi, Pearson Education 2004.


Instructor : Arash Rafiey (arash.rafiey@indstate.edu) Office : Root Hall A-127

Date and Place :

Lectures : Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30 am – 10:45 pm Root Hall A-017

Office hours : Thursdays 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Root Hall A-127

Grading :

·       4 assignments (each 5 %)

·       Midterm (25 %)

·       Final Exam (55 %)





Lecture notes :

Lecture1 (Introduction) (slides)

Lecture2 (Inclusion and Exclusion) (slides)  

Lecture3(Permutation and Combination) (slides)  

Lecture4(Generating functions) (slides)  

Lecture5(Recurrence relation I) (slides)  

Lecture6(Recurrence relation II) (slides)

Lecture7(Recurrence relation (review)) (slides)

Lecture8(Introduction to graph theory) (slides)

Lecture9(Subgraphs and Paths and Cycles) (slides)

Lecture10(Trees) (slides)

Lecture11(Graph Search (Cut points)) (slides)

Lecture13(Bipartite Matching) (slides)

Lecture14( Minimum Spanning Trees)(slides)

Lecture15(Max-Flow and Min-Cut) (slides)